Innovation comes from the right approach

Idea is the primary form of innovation.

Often the ideas comes from the desire to overcome a problem or bring an innovation. However, the idea without knowledge, technique and passion remains only an abstraction. What do we do to turn it into reality? One of the main steps on the development of a new solution is certainly the engineering design process. This stage involves a group of experts in the search and subsequently adoption of a concept in the form of a solution to the problem. The virtual model generated must then undergo an evaluation step, during which are adopted various engineering tools based on mathematical model, able to represent and analyze the behavior of the future machine under different load and constraint conditions.

The project achieved through the multi-physical preliminary design may include new arrangements during the next detailed design phase. Thanks to that, a complete description of the product is realized, through the elaboration of drawings and specifications. The next step is to build the first physical prototype to test on real conditions. Finally, if test results are satisfactory the machine is ready to be manufactured on a large scale and marketed.

Our machines can process the hardest materials.