Pellet Plant – GCM

Pellet Plant – GCM

Pellet plant processing for wood and biomass processing

In a typical pellet plant layout, machines are placed according to a well defined sequence, related to the product work cycle. The material flow through each productive unit is performed by communication devices controlled by PLC. It coordinates all activities in real time, avoiding congestions and delays in the production line. The internal transport process, from the arrival of the raw material to the pellet bag delivery, even though does not increase the final product value, it might lead to a rise of the overall costs, due to lack of efficiency. That’s why the plant layout requires an accurate preliminary analysis.


The GCM INDUSTRIE plants are made according to industry 4.0 idea. On request, the plant can be equipped with an online control and assistance system, which can transmit and store data, such as activity log. It can also monitor and control the main operative parameters, ensuring optimal processing conditions. GCM INDUSTRIE provides for its customers a team of experts during the entire decision-making process, from the choose of the best technical solutions for the plant to the economic quantification needed to realize it. We also offer consulting for revamping existing plants, reducing operating costs, enhancing reliability and increasing productivity for machines that customers already own.

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