Bucket Elevator – GCM

Bucket Elevator – GCM

Bucket elevator for wood and biomass processing

Bucket elevator is a good choice, when a material must be transported vertically for process technical reasons. It’s a discontinuous conveyor system, which allows to load material on the bottom part of the machine, lift it thanks to buckets attached to a chain, and release it on the point of discharge through a dedicated reversal device. If the capacity must be changed during operations, adjustment can be made with a frequency transformer installed into the motor. The elevator is used in all industrial branches: wood, chemical, feed and in general process industry. Because of its closed construction, the elevator is compact, which makes it possible to transport dusty and damp materials. Physical properties of materials such as grain size, specific gravity, flow ability and stickiness are important factors in designing the conveyor. Even though construction seems to be simple, from a design point of view, it has many details, which require lots of practical experience. For these reasons, our experienced technician are available to provide the best solutions for your needs.

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