Bagging machine– GCM-PKM

Bagging machine– GCM-PKM

Baggingmachine for wood and biomass processing

If you want to fully automate the packaging process or the material reintegration frequency is too high, the GCM-PKG automatic bagging machine is the right choice. The machine dispenses, at regular time intervals, a predetermined amount of product through an accurate dosing device and a reliable control system. The interval of product release corresponds to the meantime between the sealing of a full bag and the automatic preparation of the next empty one, obtained starting from continuous plastic film. The process parameters can easily be set through an on board touch screen panel.



The GCM-PKM semi-automatic bagging machine is a device equipped with an electronic balance, able to package bags in proper dimensions and weights. The process starts with pellet input into a specific storage hopper. Subsequently pellets goes through a vibrating system to a smaller container, equipped with a controlled charge opening for a better dosage. Once the wanted weight is reached, the worker uses a pedal to control the output, slowly allowing the material to reach the bag underneath. After that, the material is released and the bag’s extremity are joined together with a heat sealer. The machine is now ready to start a new work cycle.

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