AXIS CNC - Bridge saw

AXIS CNC – Bridge saw

AXIS CNC bridge saw for cutting natural and composite stone slabs

TEOREMA CNC 500/M is a monolithic bridge saw with 5 interpolated axes control for cutting marble, stone, granite, quaertz, composite and porcelain stoneware slabs. The machine is coposed of a rotating head from 0°-360° and tiltable from 0°-90° and with a tilting bench from 0°-85° for easy loading of the plates to be processed. TEOREMA CNC 500 can be equipped with a special disc diamond coated from D min. 350 to D 500 mm; it can also be equipped with diamond candle tools for drilling, milling ad forming. It is the ideal machine for all laboratories that intend to carry out types of processes dedicated to furniture design.


  1. CNC and “ESAutomotion” servomotors – “Pegasus” CAD CAM software
  2. 4 interpolated axes + 1 electronically controled axis
  3. Parametric program
  4. Plate positioning photo with relative composition and optimization


  • Orthogonal and oblique cuts at 45° and not
  • Drilling and cutting shapes
  • L cuts stright and not straight
  • Cuts with an end mill

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