Pellet Mill – GCM

Pellet mill for wood and biomass processing

Pellet Mill – GCM


GCM-PRS pellet mills allow executing the actual pelletizing process after drying, grinding and conditioning of the chipped raw material. It allows the production of a homogenous product with regards to shape, size and consistency. The final product, characterized by higher density and heating value per unit of volume (in the case of fuels), is suitable for packing, storage, transport and usability. Our pellet mills consist of a ring die that runs around fixed rollers. The material is fed into the pellet mill and distributed evenly. It then forms a layer of material on the top of the running surface of the die. This layer gets overrun and thus densified by the rollers. By overrunning the dense material, the pressure increases persistently until the material that is in the channels already gets pushed through the channel. Therefore, a typical pellet string comes out of the die and gets cut into the desired length by knives. All our machine, from the littlest to the biggest one, are equipped with a centralized automatic lubrication system. It can efficiently measure the exact amount of lubricant needed to maximize the machine life and maintain effective bearings, according to the highest engineering standards. The materials used to create components are chosen with particular attention. For example, all machine’s parts that came into contact with the processed material are made in stainless steel. It does not affect the pureness of the material, guaranteeing high qualitative pellet standards and increasing the machine life, otherwise, the steam released by material would compromise the machine’s durability. At the end of each work cycle the machine, also, executes a specific sequence and releases a particular fluid to ensure a better restart, avoiding manpower needed for manual cleaning of each single die channel.

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Technical specifications

  • Model Power / Production rate Power / Production rate Power / Production rate Die [mm] Roller [n°]
    GCM-PRS-250 7,5 / 100 kg 11 / 170 kg 15 / 200 kg 254 2
    GCM-PRS-340 22 / 250 kg 30 / 350 kg 37 / 450 kg 304 2
    GCM-PRS-420 45 / 5 55 / 7 55 ad 8 poli / 9 420 2
    GCM-PRS-520 75 / 1 Ton 90 / 1,3 Ton 110 / 1,6 Ton 520 2
    GCM-PRS-630 --- 160 / 2 Ton 200 / 2,5 Ton 630 2


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