Cyclone – GCM-CS

Cyclone separators for wood and biomass processing

Cyclone – GCM-CS


In pneumatic conveying systems, to allow the decantation of the material, at the end of the transport phase, a cyclone separator shall be used. The transported material and the carrier fluid are introduced tangentially into the upper cylindrical part of the cyclone. The material, separated by centrifugal force and impact against the inner surface, slides along the upper cylindrical wall, so it can be collected in the lower conical part of the separator. After that, the material is released thanks to a rotary valve. The air still containing dusty particles, exits from above through a duct, and reaches a bag filter before being discharged into the atmosphere. The dust retained by the filter, it’s instead recovered, ready to be re-processed. The GCM-CS cyclone separators, available in high efficiency or high load crossing versions, can be supplied in different sizes and, on request, equipped with wide visual porthole to more accurately check the status.

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