About Us

High performance Machine Maker

We build technologically sound and innovative machines.

We are dreamers, always looking and moving forward. We are concrete in our vision and fascinated by perfection. We are visionary as we always strive to look beyond what has already been achieved, to surpass geographical boundaries. We are just like you, in love with what we do.

We started with marble, producing machines able to process it excellently. Working with a material so strong yet so delicate allowed us to understand the important relationship between man and machine. So, working with strongest materials, we understood that reliability and accuracy combined with durability would be the feature of our brand.

Today we make plants processing marble, biomass and waste. We have learned from nature, the most perfect machine, to look toward the future. This is what we have accomplished so far and we are continuously looking forward, ready to create the best machine for you. This is how a small workshop has grown into an unmatched company in Calabria, competitive in the industry at both the national and international levels. Our machines so widely popular in Italy are also a worldwide brand.

“ISO-9001:2015 certified company Certificate no. 44749/23/S dated 12-22-2023 issued by RINA S.p.A.”

Our machines can process the hardest materials.